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The basic objective of an underground ventilation system is clear and simple. It is to provide airflow in sufficient quantity and quality to dilute contaminants to safe concentrations in all parts of the facility where personnel are required to work or travel.
Factors that affect the underground environment
During the development and operation of a mine or other underground facility, potential hazards arise from dust, gas emissions, heat and humidity, fires, explosions and radiation.
The major method of controlling atmospheric conditions in the subsurface is by airflow. This is produced, primarily, by main fans that are usually (but not necessarily) located on surface. While the main fan, or combination of main fans, handles all of the air that circulates through the underground network of airways, under- ground booster fans serve specific districts only. Auxiliary fans are used to pass air through ducts to ventilate blind headings. The distribution of airflow may further be controlled by ventilation doors, stoppings, air crossings and regulators.
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