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World Class Car Park and Basement Ventilation Solutions
Witt India offers World Class Car Parking and Basement Ventilation Jet Fans to ventilate and extract smoke from enclosed / underground car parks and basements. Our Jet Fans have the highest thrust to consumed power ratio in the industry! Jet Fans provide the ability to ventilate and extract smoke without using any ducts resulting in tremendous cost savings, power savings and increased installation efficiency. Jet Fans can be used for normal ventilation and also for smoke extract in case of emergencies, or a combination of both.

The requirement of Architects, Building Owners, and Contractors is a mixture of performance with aesthetics. In every high rise building, hotel, or shopping mall; peoples' lives are dependent on your choice of SHEV (Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation system). Witt India Jet Fans are the most aesthetic in the industry and color scheme can be matched to your requirements.

At Witt India we work closely with you to create Custom Designed Mechanical Ventilation that is both cost effective and efficient. With over 60 years of air movement experience, we can offer comprehensive technical advice to ensure that your building meets all the latest regulations and help you to create the safest environment possible.
Witt India provides comprehensive solutions for Underground Car Park Ventilation requirements and as an OEM provides complete solutions designed for each requirement. WITT India leveraging the experience of our principles, WITT & SOHN AG, can offer solutions that are based on thorough analysis.
Precise, quality engineering has enabled the Witt Group to establish itself as one of the market leaders in underground ventilation systems. The Group is able to conduct the whole process from system design to installation, commissioning, staff training and also service and maintenance. Working to global quality systems, we can ensure that the product quoted is the same as the product supplied, with regards to performance, noise and other characteristics. Witt India is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Our products are compliant to several International Standards such as EN 12101-3, ISO 21927-3, ISO 13350, AMCA 250, etc.
Below are the benefits in using Jet Ventilation system instead of the traditional ducted system.
» Lower power requirement 1.1KW with 50N fans and 2.2KW for the 100N fans.
» Improved directional control for jet stream giving greater control of smoke in fire conditions.
» German Engineering.
» Lower system losses with less jet stream contact with soffit.
» Quiet operation.
» Substantial savings in operating costs.
» Substantial savings in time & cost of installation.
» Increased safety & comfort of car park users.
» Increased safety & efficiency for the fire service in the event of a fire.
Details of Turnkey Projects Handled
Project Lanco Hills (Residential Podium)
Area 23, 45, 223 SFT
No. of. Basements 3
No. of. Zones 3
Qty 311 No’s
Dia 400 mm
Exhaust Fans:
Qty 66 No’s
Dia 900 mm
Fresh Air Fans:
Qty 21 No’s
Dia 900 mm
Carbon Monoxide Sensors (co)
Qty 106 No’s
Service Area Fans:
Qty 38 No’s
Dia 900 mm
Project Aparna Sarovar
Area 2, 20, 000 SFT
No. of. Basements 1
No. of. Zones 10
Qty 86 No’s
Dia 315 mm
Exhaust Fans:
Qty 10 No’s
Dia 900 mm
Fresh Air Fans:
Qty Nil
Dia Nil
Carbon Monoxide Sensors (co)
Qty 42 No’s
Service Area Fans:
Qty 1 No
Location STP Ventilation
Type AHU
Witt India Smoke Test - Parking Ventilation Witt India Fire Test - Parking Ventilation
Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD analysis is an important part in car park ventilation system. CFD is used to predict the flow of air in an underground car park by making a 3-D model and to understand the simulation in various scenarios ( Normal Mode, Fire Mode, CO & CO Emission ). The CFD analysis is used as the basics for determining air change rates, volume and air flow direction and placement of fans.

Impulse ventilation and smoke control systems work by using controllable extract fans that recycle the air while powerful impulse fans control the air flow direction and ensure there are no stagnant air pockets.
Environmental conditions are constantly monitored by the use of CO and smoke detection systems. This environmental data is then fed into the main control panel that adjusts the rate of ventilation accordingly. In the event of a fire, the Jet fans funnel the smoke away from the seat of the fire towards the extract shafts, leaving the car park largely smoke-free. In addition, the powerful fans cool the fire and ensure lower temperatures. Should a fire situation arise, Witt India is the only company whose systems can guarantee the smoke path.
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