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General presentations
Reducing engine room fans operating costs: Basics Energy Efficient Fans.pdf
Industrial fans - Tolerances, methods of conversion and technical data presentation: Summary_tolerances.pdf
Nuclear Power Plant Ventilation: Fans for nuclearpowerplants_en.pdf
Range of fans I: Product range_witt_d.pdf
Range of fans II: Product range_witt_e.pdf
Orang Utan: orang_utan.pdf
Stall - the phenomenon and some solutions
Stall and parallel operation of axial fans (english version): Parallel_stall_md_en.pdf
Tunnel Presentations
Unnel Ventilation: Tunnel Ventilation.pdf
Jetfan outletspeed: Jetfan_outletspeed_en.pdf
Banana Jet fans - The revolution of jet fan design: Banana Jet_The revolution of Jetfan design.pdf
Road tunnel ventilation: Fans for Road_Tunnel_Design.pdf
Metro tunnel design: Fans for Metro_Tunnel_Design.pdf
Wind tunnel fans: Axial fans in wind tunnels_en.pdf
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